Project Description

Monte Cristo Sandwich 몬테크리스토 샌드위치



티블렌딩 #5 샹그리아티, 허니머스터드 드레싱, 식빵 3조각, 빵가루, 체다치즈 4장, 샌드위치 햄 4장, 소금조금, 후춧가루 톡톡
tea blending #5 sangria tea, Honey mustard dressing, 3 slices of bread, bread crumbs, 4 slices cheddar cheese, 4 slices sandwich ham, pinches of salt and black pepper

1. 식빵 테두리는 가지런하게 잘라준다.
Cut the sides of bread off neatly.

2. 식빵에 허니머스터드- 샌드위치햄- 체다치즈- 샹그리아티 순으로 바른다.
Spread bread with honey mustard and alternate sandwich ham, cheddar cheese on bread and apply sangria tea to it.

3. 속을 채운 빵에 소금, 후추로 간한 계란물을 골고루 입히고 빵가루를 입힌다.
Beat egg and mix it with salt and black pepper in a bowl and coat the sandwich with the mixture evenly and then with breadcrumbs

4. 기름두른 팬에 적당한온도에서 튀기듯이 식혀 잘라준다.
Heat the sandwich through in a greased frying pan at an appropriate temperature until browned on both sides.

5. 모든 면이 익도록 골고루 익혀준다.
Cut it into a proper size and serve hot.